Things To See And Do

The rich heritage and culture in Shetland plays a significant part in every day life, including the wide range of things for visitors to see and do all year round.

There are a number of festivals and events throughout the year covering a wide range of subjects including music, nature, food, and culture. The wildlife and rugged charm of Shetland is perhaps what the islands are best known for, however Shetland has much more to offer and is sure to have something to suit every visitor.

The Up Helly Aa fire festival in January attracts thousands of visitors every year as locals celebrate the Viking heritage of the islands. The world renowned Shetland Folk Festival has been welcoming visiting artists from all corners of the globe for over 30 years and the more recently established Blues Festival and Fiddle Frenzy festivals are ever more popular every year.

For up to date information on events and activities, visit the official site for Shetland tourism.

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