Sumburgh Lighthouse Guest Comments

"We've loved the whole lighthouse experience. The wild weather made the stunning views even more dramatic and breathtaking!"

Fiona MacGregor & Colin Leddle, Oldham

"A truly magnificent experience! Surrounded by puffins and other sea birds. Visited Mousa, Noss and north mainland. Have seen otters, whales, gannets, skuas and much more!"

David & Lyn Ball, West Sussex

"A wonderful holiday in Shetland, stayed at Bressay lighthouse, then here. The two complemented each other well. Highlights: Puffins, tombolo, Mousa Broch, Noss. Loved it!! And the friendly Shetlanders!"

Jon, Maggie & Jim Barrett, Leeds

"Fantastic and beautiful scenery, cosy accommodation and adorable puffins! Good touring base - had an awesome time - lovely island"

Andy & Kay, Leicestershire

"Had a superb time, being part of a piece of history. Have to say that Shetland made the UK look substandard. Such a clean and organised place. Islanders should be proud of their environment"

Ian & Ann Goacher, Lancs

"Stayed at a magnificent lighthouse. What an amazing experience. Ticked that box for a life experience!"

The Liddell Family, Queensland, Australia
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