Eshaness Attractions And Amenities

Eshaness is situated on the North West coast of Shetland in the Northmavine area. The area is almost a separate island, being attached to the mainland only by a narrow strip of land at 'Mavis Grind' where the Atlantic Ocean nearly cuts through to the North Sea. While being remote, the area is rich with visitor attractions and amenities.

Nearby Jonny Notions Bod Zoom

The cliffs around Eshaness are full of geological features including the precipitous stacks, known as 'The Drongs', and the incredible Dore Holm rock arch. Within walking distance of the lighthouse are the impressive collapsed caves of Holes o' Scraada (devil's caves) and the Grind o' da Navir (gate of the borer) where the sea has ripped an enormous vertical gateway from the cliffs and hurled the rock inland.

Also nearby is the Loch of Houlland where visitors will find the remains of an Iron Age Broch; the TangwickHaaMuseum which contains a fascinating collection of local artefacts; and also the fishing station at Steness which was once a hub of activity during the historic Haaf fishing. The restored water mill on the Houb Burn near Tangwick Haa is also worth a visit.

Visitors to the area should take care when walking as there are no barriers at the cliff edges and there may be some unstable areas close to the edge.

There are several lochs in the area for keen anglers. Some lochs require a fishing permit. Please check locally, or visit

Towering sea stacks Da Drongs Zoom The Braewick café is one of the nearest neighbours to the lighthouse, and offers lunches, dinners and facilities for campers and caravaners. The nearby village of Hillswick offers a small shop, vegetarian café, seal sanctuary and hotel with bar and restaurant. Fuel, public toilets, a payphone and doctor are also all available in Hillswick.

Johnnie Notions Camping Böd is nearby at Hamnavoe. Operated by Shetland Amenity Trust, as part of a network of camping accommodation in historic local buildings, this property was once lived in by the pioneering small pox vaccinator and inventor John Williamson.

Slightly further away (27km) the village of Brae offers an indoor swimming pool, larger shops, a fish and chip shop with café, an Indian takeaway, hairdresser, hotel, bars and restaurants.

Mobile phone coverage in the area can be variable depending on provider. If you are unsure please check with your network provider.

  • Vodafone - Variable
  • Orange - No coverage
  • T Mobile - Low to moderate coverage
  • O2 - Variable

A payphone is provided in the cottage.

For further information on the wider Northmavine area, or for details of local events and seasonal opening times, please visit or

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